This list is in the order as they appeared on the original airing of the episode.

Guest StarringEdit


  • Virginia Louise Smith as Secretary of State
  • Troy Vincent as National Security Advisor
  • J. René Peña as Louise
  • Maz Siam as Kashfari Ambassador
  • Gary Kraus as Officer Drew
  • Stacy Hall as Officer Bristol
  • Sapna Gandhi as Translator
  • Bob Rumnock as Bishop Bryce
  • Cameron Barsanti as Jason Davies
  • Brett Allen Mack as Chase Coleman
  • Preston Allen Mack as SEAL Team Leader
  • Stacey Turner as Cable New Anchor
  • Jordan Morris as Young Tabloid Reporter
  • Christopher Maleki as Terrorist
  • Alex Marshall-Brown as Female Hostage
  • Eugene West as Hostage #2
  • Gabriel Rissa as Hostage #3
  • Philip Asta as Hostage #4

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