"Where the Sun Don’t Shine"
Olivia and Eli Pope 01
Season Four
Season 04, Episode 9
Episode Information
Air Date: November 20, 2014
Viewers: 10.14 million[1]
Written by: Mark Wilding[2]
Directed by: Tony Goldwyn[3]
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Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "The Last Supper"
Next Episode: "Run"

We don't have to stay here, you know. Say the word, I will stop trying to find your father. We can pack up and leave all of this behind, we can close Pandora's Box and go back to the sun.

Jake to Olivia

Where the Sun Don’t Shine[4] is the ninth episode of the fourth season of Scandal, and is the fifty-sixth overall. This is the Winter Finale aka mid-season finale.


Olivia and her men (Fitz & Jake) bring Maya in to get information on how to find and take down Rowan. Fitz assures the Ambassador of West Angola that the US is committed to aiding them with military support. Quinn updates Olivia on Kubiak and his tie to Elizabeth North and Vice President Andrew Nichols. Elizabeth confronts Olivia after she learns that Cyrus bugged her phone.

Damaging photos of Cyrus and Michael Ambruso are released to the media leaving Cyrus to make a difficult decision about his career that would affect Fitz as well. Meanwhile, Jake learns that Rowan is tying up loose ends by assassinating former B-613 operatives putting himself, Quinn & Huck in danger. Huck tries to make things right with Kim.

To end with a shocker Andrew threatens Fitz with the thing he loves the most and Jake finds a spilt glass of wine on the couch where Olivia was just seconds earlier!


Olivia Pope & Associates:
  • Huck deals with the aftermath of what Javi witnessed
  • Quinn updates Olivia about Kubiak, Elizabeth & Andrew’s clandestine meeting; and their ties to Jeremy Winslow and the death of his daughter
  • Quinn makes a startling discovery about the Vice President
White House:
  • Photos of Cyrus & Michael are leaked to the media
  • Fitz continues to face pressure about declaring war against West Angola
  • Andrew threatens Fitz after he doesn’t declare ware on West Angola
  • Mellie threatens Elizabeth to get her to back off
Rowan & B613:
  • Olivia, Jake & Fitz confront an old foe about Rowan
  • Rowan sends assassins after former B-613 operatives
  • Quinn warns an old friend about what Rowan's up to
Attorney General’s Office:
  • David has to investigate Cyrus sexual life with an alleged prostitute charge
  • On the record Abby tries to dodge a question to not hurt David’s feelings


4x09 - Elizabeth North 01

A raid of B613's abandoned headquarters turns up the hole where Rowan's prisoner is being held. Maya thinks her troubles are over now that Olivia is on the case. She's shocked when her baby girl orders Fitz and Jake to have Mama Maya charged for murder, terrorism and treason to start. As for Papa Pope, Olivia wants him hunted, found and killed.

Olivia learns that the head of the RNC is sleeping with the vice president, not to mention with Kubiak's death-by-Huck, just as Elizabeth walks into her office. Threats of exposure are exchanged. Elizabeth strikes as Olivia briefs the Oval Office on everything. No one notices Mellie's double-take when she hears about Andrew and Elizabeth's affair. Fitz declares that they will fight this attack, so Olivia wants to spin the affair between Cyrus and Michael Ambruso as a love story, one in which the latter gets a healthy payday for his future lack of freedom. The former, however, refuse to go along with the plan to marry a prostitute.

A would-be assassin tries to shoot Jake in an alley, but his target is too fast. The hit man has a playing card, aka a "kill card," in his pocket. Jake's picture is on it. Rowan is cleaning house. It's all part of his protocol should B613 ever be compromised. Quinn warns Charlie about all that's happening. Then she has sex with him. She returns to the office to learn that Elizabeth, Andrew and Kubiak were all at Jeremy Winslow's law firm the day Caitlin was murdered. Quinn sneaks into the place to find a lead on something known as WACO Inc.

4x09 - Olivia Pope and Jake Ballard 02

Jake gives Olivia a gun. She knows as much as any B613 agent. That makes her a threat. Jake gives Olivia a refresher course on how to use the thing. He lets her know that they don't have to stay there. They can go back to the sun. That's not an option. The sun went down a long time ago and it’s not coming back up. Cyrus Beene feels the same way. He approaches Fitz with his resignation letter as well as a breakdown of what each of them must say. Fitz says, "Thank you for your service, Cy. It's been an honor." Cyrus responds, “The honor, Sir… was mine.” He turns and exits the Oval Office.

David subpoenas Abby. He's shocked to hear that her alibi for what he's asking involves spending the night with Leo Bergen. Elsewhere, Quinn is spending the day in bed with Charlie. She finds a kill card in his pocket. Her picture is on it. This leads to lots of yelling and punching. As they lick their wounds, Charlie lets Quinn know that he kept a few of those B613 files he swiped for Rowan.

Jake follows a bad Rowan lead that sends him to an empty safe house. The man he seeks is actually in the middle of a pop-in visit with his daughter. Rowan orders Olivia to sit and share a glass of wine with him at gunpoint. Their conversation is a tense one. Rowan feels she is ungrateful. As he rants, Olivia grabs his gun. She pulls the trigger. CLICK! Rowan screams. The gun wasn't loaded. This was a test. Rowan can’t believe that his baby girl would kill her own father. He leaves Olivia an old record that has sentimental value from when she was a kid. He promises that she will miss him.

4x09 - Michael and Cyrus

Olivia wants Maya to tell her where Rowan is. She doesn't get the answers she desires. A short time later, Olivia gives Cyrus a tough love pep talk to get him back on his game. She wants him to show everyone that he’s not a little bitch baby. This strategy works. Olivia has Cyrus declaring that he is one of the most powerful men in the world. He runs a country. Cyrus lets the world know he's back on top by going on TV with broadcast journalist Noah Baker declaring that he and Michael Ambruso are engaged. It's not the greatest love story ever told, but it does manage to get a scandalized man back to work inside the White House.

The president orders Cyrus to come up with a plan to avoid a war in West Angola. Elizabeth is furious when she learns that troops aren't headed into this troubled land. She tries to lecture Mellie, who reveals that she knows about her relationship with Andrew. Better watch your back, Lizzie Bear.

Huck is desperate to talk to Javi. That's not going to happen. He wants his former wife, Kim, to read through the boxes of files that explain why he is the way he is. It's the last thing he'll ever ask her to do. He returns to the office to see that Quinn has learned that WACO is an acronym for West Angola Commercial Organization. Jeremy Winslow's law firm manages their American assets.

Quinn believes that the vice president knew about the bombing in which he was the supposed target. She just doesn't know how the pictures of Olivia come into play. Quinn's deductions and questions are being spoken at the same time that Andrew meets with Fitz about his reaction to the car bombing.

409-Jake & Olivia

Olivia asks Jake to stop talking about her father. She'd rather enjoy some wine, some Gettysburgers and a pizza from a place that names their pies after former first ladies. She brought home a Dolley Madison. Olivia and Jake dance to a tune from that sentimental record her dad left behind. They both get down to Stevie Wonder. Jake says he loves her. Olivia responds by saying that she wants Vermont with Fitz. She also wants the sun with Jake. She's not choosing between them. She's choosing herself. Jake is onboard with that.

Olivia has never had sex on a piano. She wonders if it's cold. Jake assures her it’s slippery. He retreats to the bedroom to get some blankets. When he returns to the living room, Olivia is gone. A spilt glass of wine stains the sofa. Back in the White House, Andrew continues his discussion with Fitz. He asks about the one thing in the world he can't live without. Fitz realizes what he's saying. He wants to know what he did with Olivia. Andrew responds, "How you likin' that war now, Sir?"

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  • Lisagay Hamilton as West Angola Ambassador


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"How deep does this conspiracy go and why is Olivia wrapped up in it? Check out the Wall of Evidence and tune into the Winter Finale tomorrow to get more clues and answers! #Scandal"

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