Holy moly, Scandal fans!! If you watched last night's premiere for Season Two then you know that some good stuff went down! We finally found out who Quinn Perkins is, but we were left with the question of what Olivia Pope's plans are!


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So Quinn is the "Molotov Mistress", Lindsey Dwyer. She's wanted for the bombing of the office park where her then-boyfriend and his other girlfriend, the one he wasn't supposed to have, worked. The only evidence against her is an angry voice mail and the fact that she fled. In a flashback, it was revealed that it was Huck and Olivia who worked together to give Quinn this new identity -- it seems pretty clear the rest of their associates don't know this. So the new question for this season is, "Why?"

On the other end of things, President Fitzgerald Grant and his wife Mellie Grant are having a baby! To get his numbers back up, Mellie decides during a televised sit-down to announce the gender of the baby, and she also takes the time to say some controversial things about Sudan and military intervention (um whaaa?!). Fitz ends up very angry and says some choice words to her in private ("No one elected you! Your opinion doesn’t matter! You’re ornamental, not functional”).

End of spoilers

So if you saw last night's episode, what did you think?? Share your thoughts about the premiere and also what you think is going to happen next!

Did you like the premiere of Season Two?

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