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United States presidential election, 2010

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United States presidential election, 2010
United States of America - Flag
2006 ← November 4, 2010 → 2014

538 members of the Electoral College
270 electoral votes needed to win
President Fitzgerald Grant 01
Nominee Fitzgerald Grant Samuel Reston
Party Republican Democratic
Home state California Maryland
Running mate Sally Langston Russel Howard
Electoral vote 272 266

President before
Elected President
Fitzgerald Grant

The United States presidential election of 2010 was the 56th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 4, 2010. The Republican Party nominee, Governor Fitzgerald Grant of California and running mate Senator Sally Langston of Georgia defeated Democratic Party nominee Governor Samuel Reston of Maryland and Russel Howard. Noah Montgomerey and Pete Holloway as well as Matty Bans and Nicole Browell, both of the Green Party, were on the ballot in at least one state.

The incumbent president, was ineligible to be elected to a third term due to term limits in the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution. Reston secured the Democratic nomination by March 2010, but the Republican nomination was marked by a sharp contest between Grant and initial front-runner Senator Sally Langston, with Grant not securing the nomination until early June. Early campaigning had focused heavily on the Iraq War and the unpopularity of outgoing Republican President , but all candidates focused on domestic concerns as well, which grew more prominent as the economy experienced the onset of the Great Recession and a major financial crisis that peaked in September 2010.

The result of the election hinged on Ohio, Grant would go on to win a close victory over Reston, winning both the popular vote and the electoral college, with 272 electoral votes to Restons 266 electoral votes. Grants successes in obtaining a major party's nomination and winning the closest general election in history were both a major achievement for the Republican party. Although Sally Langston did not win the Republican nomination, she was the first woman to win a major American party's presidential primary for the purposes of delegate selection when she won the primary in Iowa. She also was the first woman to be an American presidential candidate in every primary and caucus in every state,and became the first woman to appear on a Republican presidential ticket, and the second woman overall to appear on a major party's presidential ticket (after Geraldine Ferraro in 1984).

This was notable as the first election since 1952 where neither of the two major candidates were either the incumbent president or vice president. Grants total vote amount of 65.5 million votes, taking the presidency from Democratic challenger Governor Samuel Reston with his vote amount of 65.4 million votes. The total of 131 million votes cast in the 2008 election represents over, the highest share of any presidential election in U.S. history. This was also the first election in which both candidates were Governors of major states in the election.

Gallery Edit

  • Then Governor Grant of California during Republican presidential primaries
Sally langston
  • Sally Langston at the Republican presidential primary

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