Portrayed by Sonia Rockwell
Other Character
Character Information
Status: Alive
Eye color: Blue
  • Secretary
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Sonia Rockwell
First appearance: One For the Dog
Latest appearance: Snake in the Garden
Appearance Count: 2

Oh, Hollis and my daddy go back a dogs age.

— Trixie to Harrison, One For the Dog

Trixie is Hollis Doyle's assistant at his Doyle Energy office in Washington D.C.


Harrison Wright flirted with Trixie to distract her in order for Abby swipe her access card to private Hollis Doyle's office from her purse. She told Harrison how she made it to the DC and how she started working for Hollis. Harrison was just listening to stall Trixie until Abby returned with the access card. Once she did, Harrison left her alone and confused at the bar. (One For the Dog)

When Hollis' daughter was kidnapped, he and his fourth ex-wife, Debra Clarkson were camped out at Olivia Pope & Associates office. So Hollis had Trixie bring him his daily Getty's burger (Fourscore, with extra bacon) and his Hushpuppies to go along with the burger along with his mail which consisted of a package, a pack Hollis had Trixie open; the package had a part of a human ear in it; his daughter's ear. Unfortunately for Trixie she "touched it." (Snake in the Garden)