This list is in the order as they appeared on the original airing of the episode.

Guest StarringEdit


  • Lisa Edelstein as Sarah Stanner


  • Ross Mackenzie as Larry Thomas
  • Alan Brooks as Chairman Mike Snedeker
  • Mandalynn Carlson as Annie Stanner
  • Tim Halligan as Judge Murray Randall
  • Samantha Sloyan as Jeannine
  • Jay Jackson as News Anchor
  • Reece Rios as Reporter Peter
  • Dinora Walcott as Reporter Carol
  • Keith Chandler as Local Newscaster #1
  • Michelle Wong as Cable Newscaster #2
  • Ursula Burton as Female Classmate
  • Lincoln Melcher as Emmmett Stanner
  • Alexander Greer as Male Operative
  • Kurtis James as Andy, Young Male Operative
  • Steven Stone as Photographer
  • Sarah Jane MacKay as Clerk #2
  • Gregory Mikurak as Boyish SEAL
  • Alex Marshall-Brown as Hostage #1
  • Eugene West as Hostage #2
  • Gabriel Rissa as Hostage #3


  • Rick Still as Corporate Board Member