5x08 - Scandal Cast on Set

The Scandal Sets

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The Scandal Sets are achieved by the help of the set decoration crew, the lighting crew, the cinematographers and the special visual effects crew.

The Olivia Pope & Associates SetEdit

Main article: Olivia Pope & Associates

Olivia Pope & Associates is one of the main sets on Scandal. It is Olivia Pope's Law, Crisis Management and Communications firm. Olivia Pope & Associates consists of Two main rooms:

Conference RoomEdit

Olivia Pope's OfficeEdit

The The White House SetEdit

Main article: The White House

The White House is another one of the main sets on Scandal. Fitz Grant was Fourty-Nineth President from 2010 to 2018 but the Oval Office now belongs to his Ex-Wife Mellie Grant the Fiftieth President who was elected in 2018. The White consists of Three main rooms:

The Oval OfficeEdit

Chief of Staff's OfficeEdit

Briefing RoomEdit

Olivia Pope's ApartmentEdit

Main article: Olivia Pope's Apartment

Eli Pope's HouseEdit

Main article: Eli Pope's House

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