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The Liberty Report

The Liberty Report is a political talk show hosted by Sally Langston in Washington D.C. - The Liberty Report's tagline is: "Lovers of Liberty".


After Sally Langston resigned as Vice President of the United States of America, she got her own TV show show casing the latest news on the political front in Washington D.C..

Cyrus and Michael's WeddingEdit

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After Cyrus Beene bugged Elizabeth North's phone, Elizabeth decided to get her own back, so she leaked photos and videos of Cyrus and Michael Ambruso together; forcing them to declare their love for each other and eventually announce their marriage. ("The Last Supper") ("Where the Sun Don't Shine")

Sally Langston set a $10,000 reward for anyone that could prove that Cyrus and Michael's wedding was a sham. Elizabeth North organised for Cyrus and Michael to have dinner with Micahel's parents. At the dinner Michael's parents let Michael know that they were only there because Elizabeth paid them more than his Dad had ever earned. ("Put a Ring On It")

Mellie's Senator RunEdit

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Sally Langston is having a grand old time ripping into Mellie over her bid to become a Virginia senator. To quell her criticism, a plan is put into play to make it seem like the president and first lady lead separate lives. Still, the only way to sway public perception is to have someone go toe-to-toe with Sally on her TV show. A woman won’t do the trick. No, it would have to be a man. Fitz orders Cyrus to go on TV to defend Mellie’s senate run. Cyrus unleashes a flurry of mini-lectures on sexism with the knockout blow coming with a mention of the Sally’s dead hubby, Daniel Douglas. ("First Lady Sings the Blues")

Olivia and Fitz' Leaked PhotosEdit

Sally Langston declares that Olivia Pope has found her way into the president’s bed and she has pictures to prove it. ("Heavy is the Head")

Olitz ~ Sally Tells The World Liv is Fitz's Mistress

Olitz ~ Sally Tells The World Liv is Fitz's Mistress

Elizabeth's Interview with Sally LangstonEdit

When Elizabeth North was invited onto The Liberty Report, she threatened to tell Sally Langston everything about Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant's relationship. She only wanted a place back in The White House after she was fired when Fitz gave Cyrus Beene his old job back as Chief of Staff. To make Elizabeth happy, Fitz gave her the job of Susan Ross' Chief of Staff. ("Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance")

Olitz working as a team

Olitz working as a team

Jake and Vanessa's MarraigeEdit

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Vanessa got into the car accident on the day Jake and her were supposed to do the interview on Sally Langston's "The Liberty Report". After a car crash Vanessa got tired and told Jake that she can't do the marriage thing with him anymore since he doesn't or won't tell her anything about his past or present. When Olivia knew about this, she brought Mellie in to talk Vanessa into doing the interview since Mellie and Vanessa shared the same kind of marriages. After she and Mellie had a talk, Vanessa got convinced and eventually did her interview, the interview which was important for the campaign at that time, with Jake on The Liberty Report. ("They All Bow Down")

Presidential Election 2016Edit

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Sally Langston is one of the main people interviewing the Presidential candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election. She has interviewed Susan Ross, Francisco Vargas, Edison Davis and Hollis Doyle as part of their campaigns; she is yet to interview Mellie



Hollis Doyle Gets Poped - Scandal

Hollis Doyle Gets Poped - Scandal