First Family 02

The First Family The First Family of the United States of America

The First Family consists of President Fitzgerald Grant, First Lady Mellie Grant, Jerry Grant Jr., Karen Grant & Teddy Grant.


Throughout the first season the series the only members of the first family that appeared on screen were President Fitz Grant and the First Lady Mellie Grant; their two children Jerry and Karen were only mentioned a few times.

In the second season Fitz & Mellie continued to be the only two to have on screen appearances. Mid-Season Two their youngest child, Teddy Grant, was born and made his debut appearance when Fitz & Mellie did an interview after Teddy was born. (Truth or Consequences / Molly, You in Danger, Girl) Jerry & Karen continued to only be mentioned.

And finally in the third season Karen & Jerry made their debut appearance for the first interview with "The First Family" since Fitz announced is reelection. (Mama Said Knock You Out) The two appeared in a few other episodes throughout the end of the season; ending with the tragic death of Jerry. (The Price of Free and Fair Election)

Karen returned in the fourth season still dealing with the loss of her brother. (Like Father, Like Daughter)

Members of the FamilyEdit

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