The B613 Trial was a story line from Season Four of Scandal.


Jake Ballard, David Rosen, Huck, Quinn Perkins, Charlie and Olivia Pope were trying their best to finally shut down B613 for once and for all but their plan back-fired and innocent people were killed in the process.

Huck's B613 TestimonyEdit

4x15 - Huck

Huck's testimony

David Rosen meets with a woman who claims her husband worked for B613. Her husband’s name is Diego Munoz, which also happens to be Huck’s real name. Jake tells Huck that he needs to testify that he has PTSD. He needs to deny everything about B613. Huck tearfully recounts the hell he went through every single day. David has no choice but to move forward with the questioning. As for Huck, he finally finds some peace along with a kiss from his wife. Elsewhere, Jake tells David how they need to shut down this problem. That’s not going to happen. David is moving forward. He’s going to get the bad guys. ("The Testimony of Diego Muñoz")

Holly Kills The B613 Agents in the Safe HouseEdit

4x18 - Holly 03

Holly looks through the B613 trial files

To be able to take down B613, David wanted to get as much evidence as he could. He asked Huck, Quinn, Charlie and Jake to find B613 Agents that were also willing to testify. The group manged to find three previous B613 Agents: Max Butler, Margo Ross Simon - they were put into a safe house under the rader to make sure no one could take them out before they testified. Unfortunately unbeknownst to David, his PA Holly is a B613 agent and she has a mission, to kill the B613 agents in the safe house. David and Holly are on their way home when Jake pulls out a pistol and shoots Holly in the head killing her instantly; Jake knew it was Holly who killed the B613 agents. ("Honor Thy Father")

Russell Tries to Kill Jake, Twice!Edit

Russell tricks Jake into going to Olivia Pope & Associates, he and jake fight until Russell gets the upper hand and stabs Jake multiple times in his gut. Russell leaves Jake bleeding to death in the OPA offices, until Huck, Quinn, Charlie and Olivia find him and take him to a safe house to be looked after by an ex-Assassin. ("First Lady Sings the Blues")

Damascus Bainbridge (Rowan) Blackmails MellieEdit

4x22 - Rowan and Mellie Grant 02

"Damascus Bainbridge" blackmails Mellie

After a successful speech in Springfield, Mellie has a meeting with a big campaign donor; Rowan gave himself a new identity "Damascus Bainbridge" and met Mellie Grant and Elizabeth North in Springfield to discuss his donation to Mellie's campaign; but he was really there because he was blackmailing her with salacious photos of her as well as Fitz’s Operation Remington file. Rowan wants her to get him a certain list of names, the names of the Jurors that would be at the B613 trial. ("A Few Good Women")

Before Jake Ballard has time to testify against B613, an entire busload of people has been executed; the dead passengers were the grand jurors in the B613 trial. Elizabeth realizes they were the names on the list provided to jovial billionaire Damascus Bainbridge. A panicked Mellie lets Cyrus Beene know that she’s responsible for the bloodbath. They both agree to keep this from Fitz. Cyrus promises to handle everything once he discovers that a possible exposure of Operation Remington is in the mix. Later that evening, Quinn Perkins bursts into Huck’s office. She demands to know why he’s working with Command, she recognized his work on the bus and she knows Huck killed all those people. ("You Can't Take Command")

Fitz Knows EverythingEdit

4x22 - Fitz Grant 01

Fitz kicks Mellie out of the White House and fires Cyrus Beene

Cyrus meets with CIA Director Lowry warning her not to poke the lion that is B613. A short time later, Olivia and Jake are escorted to adjoining jail cells. After that, Cyrus makes a veiled threat on Abby Whelan’s life in order to get David Rosen to play ball. The Attorney General produces affidavits for both Olivia and Jake to sign recanting everything they know about B613. Fitz tells Mellie and Cyrus that he knows about the jurors. He orders his wife to pack her bags and get out of his house. Cyrus tries to play dumb, but the president knows everything. There’s nothing more to say. Fitz fires Cyrus, who can only watch as Elizabeth moves into his office. ("You Can't Take Command")

Rowan is ArrestedEdit

After Jake, David, Huck, Quinn, Charlie and Olivia Pope's plans to destroy B613 were foiled, Rowan called his Daughter Olivia to tell her that all of the incriminating B613 files have been destroyed along and all of the B613 agents that could implicate him have been eliminated. Rowan also told Olivia that her Mother Maya Lewis had been released from prison for denying that B613 ever existed, Rowan / Command were also dead and that meant that Eli could live his life as a free man. That was until Olivia Pope & Associates framed Elijah Pope for embezzlement, Eli was arrested and sent to jail.