Teddy Grant
Portrayed by Itai Caldwell & Gilad Caldwell
5x04 - Baby Teddy
White House Character
Character Information
Full name: Theodore Wallace Grant
Status: Alive
Born: 2013
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
  • America's baby
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Itai Caldwell
Also Portrayed by: Gilad Caldwell
First appearance: Nobody Like Babies
Latest appearance: Transfer of Power
Appearance Count: 12

Teddy Grant is the youngest child of Fitz Grant and Mellie Grant. He is the little brother of Jerry Grant Jr. and Karen Grant.

About Edit

The character Teddy Grant is a supporting character of the series first appeared in the season two episode "Nobody Likes Babies".

History Edit

When the audio sex tape of Fitz and Olivia was leaked to public, Fitz was going to tell the world that it was him and Olivia on that tape and resign from President. But Mellie teamed up with Olivia to make sure that Fitz does not resign by agreeing to lie to the public that it was actually her on the tape given that she's newly pregnant. She also suggested that her and Fitz should start trying to get pregnant right away to make sure the particular story sticks. (Grant: For the People)

It was later revealed that Mellie is pregnant with a baby boy. Mellie then gave birth to him in 2013. (White Hat's Off, Truth or Consequences)

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • They often referred to him "America's baby" because he was conceived in service to the country given that Fitz didn't have to resign from President because of the pregnancy.
  • He was born at 3:30 pm although the date of his birth is unknown.
  • He weighted 7 pounds and 6 ounces when he was born.
  • He was portrayed by twin girls instead of a boy when he was only a baby age.
  • Now, a little older Teddy Grant is portrayed by twin boys Itai and Gilad Caldwell.

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