Taylor Autumn Bertman
Taylor Autumn Bertman
Biographical Information
Birth Place: Reston, VA
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
  • Johanna Bertman (Mother)
  • Jeff Bertman (Father)
Appearance Information
Portrays: Jane North
First appearance: "Inside the Bubble"

Taylor Autumn Bertman, almost 9 years old, was born in Reston, VA and moved to CA in 2012. Taylor is known for Sam and Cat, role of Mandy, of Yay Day Episode, #21 on Nickelodeon in January 2014.


Taylor has performed several roles in Short Films as well as her General Electric commercial, for national television and internet media. She has also performed as a guest vocalist at The Derby Restaurant and was invited to return and sing again on New Years. Additionally, Taylor is one of the children on the Jimmy Kimmel Live website with approx 1,645,000 views of her "Jimmy Kimmel, Lie Detective" comedy skit about her label of "Naughty or Nice" for Santa in December 2013.

Career BackgroundEdit

Taylor usually plays ages 5 to 8 yrs old and has played roles as young as 4 yrs old. Taylor has a small, lean build, brown eyes, blonde hair,50 lbs weight and 4'0 size allows her to play many roles. She loves to laugh, smile, cry and many emotions in between. Taylor is an avid reader and reads many books, novellas and stories each week. Taylor is totally comfortable with animals, since she loves, dogs, cats, horses, lizards, nice snakes and parrots of all sizes.

Almost always bubbly and smiling, Taylor Autumn Bertman, loves comedy, improv, drama, and sharing the performing arts with everyone. Taylor truly loves it when she can also perform with her older brother, Stuart Allan Bertman, age 15, who also shares her passion for the performing arts.

External LinksEdit

Click on the link below to view more information about Taylor Autumn Bertman including a full filmography.

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