5x09 - Susan and Elizabeth

Susan and Elizabeth

Appearances: "Rasputin", "Baby, It's Cold Outside", "The Candidate", "Wild Card", "Pencils Down",

Susan Ross and Elizabeth North worked together in The White House and were both sleeping with David Rosen.

Season FiveEdit

Love TriangleEdit

To make Elizabeth happy, Fitz gave her the job of Susan Ross' Chief of Staff. This has its own problems as Elizabeth is sleeping with Attorney General David Rosen and Susan Ross also has a crush on him. David bought Elizabeth a bracelet for the holidays but she didn't want it, so when Susan went to see him in his office he gave it to her instead. Susan gave Elizabeth a scarf as a holiday present and Elizabeth noticed the bracelet on Susan's hand.

Susan's Presidential CampaignEdit

Elizabeth North wanted Susan Ross to run for President because the American people like her, she could be the first female President and because Elizabeth wants to get into the Oval office.


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