Susan Sawyer
Portrayed by Shannon Cochran
Law Character
Character Information
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Black
Past Occupation(s): U.S. Attorney General
  • "The AG"
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Shannon Cochran
First appearance: Grant: For the People
Latest appearance: Truth or Consequences
Appearance Count: 3

Susan Sawyer was the Attorney General of the United States, a member of the President's Cabinet who was appointed by President Fitzgerald Grant for his first term in office. In 4 she was fired by the President as part of his Cabinet shakeup at the start of his second term, she was replaced by David Rosen.


The character of Susan Sawyer was a minor recurring character for Season One and Season Two of the series. She was mentioned in Season Three and Season Four, never by name only as "The Attorney General."


Susan is the head of the Department of Justices and oversees the U.S. Attorney's office.

She expresses her concerns to David Rosen after he arrests Hollis Doyle for election rigging. It is obvious that she is being pressured by The White House, specially, Cyrus Beene, to tread carefully with Hollis Doyle. (Truth or Consequences)

Susan is US Attorney Pat Wexler's boss and was most likely the one who had Pat fire David the second time David Rosen. (Nobody Likes Babies)

But Susan had no choice to not only take David back but was asked by the President to promote David after he turned over the Cytron card to Cyrus Beene. He was promoted from Assistant US Attorney for the District of Columbia to the US Attorney for the District of Columbia after he uncovered who the mole was. (White Hat's Back On)



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