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Susan Poufar is an American actress who portrays Becky Flynn in ABC's Scandal.

Personal BackgroundEdit

Not a lot of personal information is available about Susan… please check back later or add if you find something.

Career BackgroundEdit

Theatrical CreditsEdit

  • Sylvia in Tribes (2012)
  • Kayla in In the Wake (2010)
  • Gabrielle York (younger) in When the Rain Stops Falling (2010)
  • Beth Adler / Young Loë in The Singing Forest (2009)
  • Elise Sanger in The Dear Boy (2005)
  • Carla in Swimming in the Shallows (2005)
  • Guard 2 in Iron (2003)
  • Susan in Last Sunday in June (2003)
  • Francis in Blur (2001)

TV Guest RolesEdit

Film RolesEdit

Nominations & AwardsEdit


  • Is a well-known theatrical actress



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