Stacy Keating
Portrayed by Megan Gallagher
OPA Client
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Chocolate Brown
Eye color: Green
Current Relationship:
Character Information
Portrayed by: Megan Gallagher
Appears in: Dirty Little Secrets

Stacy Keating is on of Sharon Marquette's former call girls and is the wife of Judge Patrick Keating. She met her husband on her first night as a call girl; she was so scared waiting for her date who was late, she was afraid he wasn't coming. She knew she had to come back to Sharon on her first night with money. After waiting for a long time Patrick came up and they started talking and after a while they started seeing each other. She never told him what she really did, and she paid for all their dates. She continued to work as a call girl while Patrick studied late at the law library for law school. They didn't have sex until their wedding night. She eventually told her husband the truth and the marriage stayed alive along with his political career.

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