Shelby Moss
Portrayed by Julia Cho
Deceased Character
Character Information
Episode of Death: No Sun on the Horizon
Cause of Death: Assassinated by Jake
Occupation: NSA Analyst
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Julia Cho
First appearance: A Door Marked Exit
Final appearance: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Appearance Count: 3

Shelby Moss was an NSA Analyst who knew the Vice President Sally Langston killed her husband Daniel Douglas Langston.


The character of Shelby Moss was a recurring character in the third season of the series.


Shelby was a young NSA Analyst who went US Attorney David Rosen after she heard the phone conversation between Sally Langston and Cyrus Beene about Sally killing her husband, Daniel Douglas Langston. She went to David because she had seen him in the news after a mole was caught a year earlier, this refers to Billy Chambers. (A Door Marked Exit)

Along with David, reporter Vanessa Chandler and Press Secretary James Novak they continued to dig into the truth about the death of Daniel Douglas Langston.

Sadly Shelby was assassinated by Jake Ballard along with Vanessa Chandler and James Novak to keep things quiet about the true nature behind Daniel Douglas' death. Jake spared David so he could have an inside man in the justice department. (No Sun on the Horizon)

Along with Vanessa Chandler Jake buried Shelby in a deep grave in a forrest. (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)


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