Secretary of Defense
Portrayed by Joe Holt
SecDef S4 E7 01
White House Character
Character Information
Full name: Unknown
Hair color: Black, thinning
Occupation: Secretary of Defense
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Joe Holt
First appearance: The Other Woman
Final appearance: The Last Supper
Appearance Count: 8

The current Secretary of Defense in the Grant Administration was appointed by President Fitzgerald Grant. He was one of the few cabinet members that President Grant did not fire for his second term.


The current Secretary of Defense was appointed by then President-elect Fitzgerald Grant III in December 2010, and confirmed by the United States senate in January 2011.


  • As of December 2012 his character still did not have a name; for now he's only referred to as Secretary of Defense, SecDef or Defense Secretary.

  • Upon his return in Season Four his name was still unknown.



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