2013 THR Set Visit - Tony Goldwyn and Tom Verica 01

Scandal Production

There are many parts involved in the production of Scandal From Table Reads, official promotional videos / Photographs, The Set and the Scandal Costume Department.

Interviews and FeaturettesEdit

(06/10/13) On-Set With the Gladiators - The Hollywood Reporter Edit

Main article: 2013 THR Set Visit

THR visits the Hollywood set of Scandal to talk Twitter, last-minute monologues and filming the heartbreaking "Seven Fifty-Two" episode.

(12/09/13) Kerry Washington and Bellamy Young on Set of 'Scandal'Edit

(09/10/14) Portia de Rossi and Matthew Del Negro On the Set of 'Scandal' - Zimbio / EOnline Edit

Make way! Political powerhouse Portia de Rossi is coming through. The Arrested Development and Ally McBeal veteran is set to guest star in a top-secret arc during season four of Scandal and we've got your first look of her in character.

(05/03/15) Lena Dunham Makes Her Debut - The Hollywood Reporter Edit

Girls star and self-professed Gladiator Lena Dunham will make her debut on the ABC political thriller's March 19 episode, and The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive first-look at her character.

The episode, titled "It's Good to Be Kink", will see Olivia Pope spring to action when she learns of a woman — judging from the photos below, played by Dunham — who plans to expose the sex secrets of some of D.C.'s most elite.

(03/17/15) Kerry Washington On the Set of 'Scandal' - HitShowsToWatch / Zimbio Edit

Scandal star Kerry Washington and guest stars were spotted filming scenes for the hit TV series ‘Scandal’ in Los Angeles, California on Tuesday March 17, 2015. Wearing a polished head-to-toe look is practically a job requirement to play political fixer Olivia Pope.

Inside Scandal - Good Morning America Edit

Get a backstage look at the set where Olivia Pope, Fitz and others make TV magic happen.

Scandal Live on GMA Edit

Main article: 2016 Scandal Live on GMA

On the morning of February 11, 2016 on the Scandal set in Los Angeles, CA. the scandal cast gathered for a live interview with Good Morning Amerca

Hair and MakeupEdit

Main article: Scandal Hair and Makeup

There are many people behind the scenes of scandal including the Scandal Hair and Makeup crew making the actors look their best.

Costume DepartmentEdit

Main article: Scandal Costume Department

Scandal Style is achieved with the help of Costume Designer Lyn Paolo and The Limited Scandal Collection.

Official Set Photos Edit

The Following still photographs were taken by Nicole Wilder and sourced from various websites, courtesy of Scandal ABC.

→ See and enjoy 9 pictures from Season 2 BTS at Images from Season 2 BTS.
→ See and enjoy 37 pictures from Season 3 BTS at Images from Season 3 BTS.
→ See and enjoy 106 pictures from Season 4 BTS at Images from Season 4 BTS.
→ See and enjoy 177 pictures from Season 5 BTS at Images from Season 5 BTS.
→ See and enjoy 80 pictures from Season 6 BTS at Images from Season 6 BTS.

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