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Scandal Marketing

There are many ways in which the ABC Network, the crew and cast of Scandal market their television show. Whether this be through panels, Q&A sessions or post selfies on social media.

One of the most common marketing techniques is through the use of promotional photos of the characters and episodes.


Scandal is mainly marketed through the use of social media; cast live tweeting the episode every Thursday, crew sharing exclusive photos on their personal social media accounts and the cast of Scandal attending exclusive events.

Recurring EventsEdit

Events & PanelsEdit







Cast PortraitsEdit

Season Three Cast PortraitsEdit

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Season Four Cast PortraitsEdit

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Season Five Cast PortraitsEdit

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Season Six Cast PortraitsEdit

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Scandal and TGIT EventsEdit

→ See and enjoy 0 pictures of The Cast of Scandal at Images of The Cast of Scandal.
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