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Scandal Costume Department

Scandal Style is acheived with the help of Costume Designer Lyn Paolo and The Limited Scandal Collection.


Lyn Paolo is the costume designer on Scandal, she designs the costumes with inspiration from how the scripts. The Scandal cast also have a say in what their characters wear and why.


→ See and enjoy 149 pictures of Scandal Style at Images of Scandal Style.

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Character StyleEdit

The Women of ScandalEdit

The Men of ScandalEdit

The Limited Collection Inspired by ScandalEdit

Main article: The Limited Collection Inspired by Scandal
→ You can find all of the Limited Collection at the Official Website The Scandal Collection
This season out team - Kerry Washington, Lyn Paolo and Elliot Staples - designed in layers, creating the keys to empowerment. Finely-designed special pieces in luxurious materials, equally sophisticated when styled up or pared down. Because gladiators’ wardrobes need to work-in any of their many roles. Handling every situation with style.    The Limited - Scandal Collection


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