Roxann Dawson - born September 11, 1958 in Los Angeles, California - is an American actress, producer and director, directing occasional episodes for ABC's Scandal.

Background & Personal LifeEdit

She graduated from UC Berkley with a degree in Theatre Arts in 1980. Soon after she landed her first role as a dancer in the Broadway production of "A Chorus Line." During her acting career, she performed in numerous plays including "The Early Girl," "V&V Only," "The Tempest," "Tropicana," "Six Characters in Search of an Author," "Accelerando," "Rose Tattoo," "Daughters," among others.

Roxann resides in LA with her husband, Casting Director, Eric Dawson; they married in May of 1994. Together they have two daughters; Emma Rose Dawson, born January 16, 1998 and Mia Meicai Dawson, born October 31, 1999 who was adopted in July 2000. She was previously married to actor Casey Biggs.

She was born as Roxann Caballero and raised by parents Richard and Rosalie Caballero.

Career BackgroundEdit

Roxann is best known for her role as Lt. B'Elanna Torres on Star Trek: Voyager which she portrayed from 1995-2001. For her work on the show she was nominated for an ALMA Award for three years in a row (1998-2000); and in 2001 was given an ALMA Special Achievement Award.

She works as a writer as well as a director. She made her directorial debut on Star Trek: Voyager (1995) and continued directing on shows like Any Day Now (1998), Star Trek: Enterprise (2001) and Charmed (1998). She does also practice writing -- a Trilogy called "Tenebrea" was co-written by her.

Roxann has served as a producer not only for Scandal, but on Crossing Jordan and Cold Case as well.

Acting CreditsEdit

TV Guest RolesEdit

TV Show Character Episode Year
The Closer Detective Ortega A Family Affair 2011
Without a Trace Mrs. Erica Palmer Bait 2004
The Division Unknown Character Body Double 2003
Coupling Therapist Original Pilot 2003
Seven Days Commander Helen Keagle The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 2000
Any Day Now Tina Don’t Say Anything 1999
The Untouchables Gina Perino The Fever 1994
Baywatch Ines We Need a Vacation 1990

TV Recurring RolesEdit

TV Show Character No. of Episodes Year(s)
The Lyons Den Asst. District Attorney Linda Solis 3 2003
Star Trek: Voyager Lt. B'Elanna Torres 170 1995-2001
Matlock Vicki Mariani 2 1990

TV MoviesEdit

Title Character Year
Pointman Rosie Alvarez 1994
Mortal Sins Maria Croce 1992
Dirty Work Lanie 1992
N.Y.P.D. Mounted Lt. Torres 1992
Broken Angel Shakti 1988

Directing CreditsEdit

TV Show Episode(s) Year(s)
Treme Poor Man’s Paradise
Feels Like Rain
Vegas Solid Citizens 2012
Smash Tech 2012
The Good Wife Pants on Fire
Getting Off
On Tap
The Mentalist At First Blush
Red All Over
Prime Suspect Ain’t No Sunshine 2012
The Closer Forgive Us Our Trespasses
Heart Attack
Half Load
Split Ends
Rizzoli & Isles Sympathy of the Devil 2010
Lie to Me Teacher and Pupils 2010
Heroes Chapter Fourteen 'Close to You'
Chapter Two 'Ink'
Chapter Fifteen 'Run!'
Hawthorne Night Moves 2009
Cold Case The Long Blue Line
The Brush Man
Glory Days
Ghost of My Child
plus 4 more
Crossing Jordan Crash
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
plus 8 more
The O.C. The Journey 2006
Lost The Long Con 2006
Charmed Lucky Charmed 2003

Scandal Directing CreditsEdit



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