Portrayed by Marla Gibbs
4x11 - Rose 01
Other Character
Character Information
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Residence: Washington, D.C.
  • "Where's the Black Lady?" Lady
Significant Other:
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Marla Gibbs
First appearance: "Where's the Black Lady?"
Final appearance: "The Testimony of Diego Muñoz"
Appearance Count: 2

Rose is a woman who came looking for Olivia at OPA to ask about her missing friend Lois while Olivia was being kidnapped.


Asking for Olivia Edit

Rose came into OPA and asked for the "Black Lady", Olivia. She said that she knew Lois and she need to speak with her. Quinn informed her that she wasn't there. She stated that Lois went missing and she won't answer her door, phone, and her car is still in her garage. She left when Quinn told her that Olivia wasn't there.

Trying to Find Lois Edit

Rose came to Olivia and told her that she hasn't heard from Lois in three weeks. The police told her that she was maybe on vacation or needed some time alone, but she left her wallet at her apartment, signaling to Rose that something wasn't right. She later came to Olivia telling her that Lois had a hip replacement, saying that the serial number might help find Lois. She also started suggesting other things, but later told Olivia that she had a feeling that Lois was gone, but she wanted to know why. She then asked Rose if they were more than just friends, Rose told her that she dated Lois when they were in high school, but when Lois' parents found out, they moved Lois out of the state. Olivia told her that they will try to find Lois, but if they can't Olivia warned her to not wait too long. Rose responded, saying that she waited over 40 years for Lois, and she can wait longer.

Later, Huck and Quinn found Lois' body dumped in a local park, Olivia lied and told Rose that she died from an aneurysm. Rose then said it is too soon and now she's all alone.

Relationships Edit

Romantic Edit

Lois Edit

Rose and Lois met when they were 16. When Lois' parents found out Lois was gay, they moved her out the state. 40 years later, Lois sent Rose a letter explaining that John had died and she wanted to resume their relationship. Rose was on a plane a hour later but Rose never moved in with Lois because Lois kept her apartment too hot.

When they were older, they talked to each other and told each other what they had for breakfast. They then meet for lunch, and power walk in the park. They take turns cooking dinner and they go on vacation every August.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • She was Lois' power of attorney.
  • She had a key to Lois' apartment.
  • She and Lois used to go on vacation every August.
  • She and Lois power walked every day.


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