Richard Moss
Portrayed by Michael Canavan
5x21 - Richard Moss
Deceased Character
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Full name: Richard Moss
Gender: Male
Episode of Death: That's My Girl
Cause of Death: drugged in a drink by Jake Ballard
Character Information
Portrayed by: Michael Canavan
Appears in: That's My Girl
Appearance Count: 1

Richard Moss was Vanessa Moss's father.

About Edit

The character Richard Moss appeared in season five episode "That's My Girl". He was portrayed by Michael Canavan.

History Edit

Richard Moss was a very wealthy man who also had great connections with politicians. Eli chose Vanessa to be the perfect political spouse for Jake because of his wealth and connections.

Death Edit

In one afternoon, Jake and Richard are having a drink. After he had a drink that Jake gave him, he started to experience the heart burn. He then had the heart attack which ultimately led to his death. His death allowed Vanessa to be awarded her half a billion dollars inheritance.

Gallery Edit

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