Portrayed by Dinora Walcott
Press Character
Character Information
Hair color: Dark Brown (braided)
Eye color: Brown
Occupation: Field Reporter
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Dinora Walcott
First appearance: Grant: For the People
Latest appearance: Baby Made a Mess
Appearance Count: 10

Is the president considering stepping down to care for his wife.

— Carol to Abby, The State of the Union

Carol is a field reporter and a White House Correspondent for the White House Press Corps. in Washington D.C.


The character of Reporter Carol is a minor recurring character who has appeared in all seasons of the series.


She started her career in Georgia following the president when he visited Georgia after the death of ATF agents. (Grant: For the People)

About a year later she made her way to D.C. working as a White House Correspondent as well as a field reporter. Where's she' covered the Lindsay Dwyer case. (White Hat's Off)

She later returned to The White House where she followed and covered the East Sudan terror threats. (All Roads Lead to Fitz / A Criminal, A Whore, An Idiot, and A Liar)

She took a break from The White House where she covered the Sarah Stanner scandal that Olivia Pope was handling. (Top of the Hour)

Last we saw her she was working in the White House Press Corp upon the release of James Novak's murder. (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)


The first time she was referred to as "Carol" was in the Season Two episode All Roads Lead to Fitz.



Season One:
Grant: For the People
Season Two:
White Hat's Off
All Roads Lead to Fitz
A Criminal, A Whore, An Idiot, and A Liar
Top of the Hour
Season Three:
Say Hello to My Little Friend
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
The Fluffer
Season Four:
Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia
The State of the Union
Baby Made a Mess
Season Five:
Season Six:
Season Seven:

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Season One

Season Two

Season Three

τ Note: In all other episode appearances not specified above she was credited as "Reporter Carol".