Ray Dwyer
Portrayed by John Diehl
Other Character
Character Information
Status: Alive
Residence: San Jose, California
  • Electrician
Significant Other:
  • Janice (girlfriend)
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: John Diehl
Appears in: The Other Woman

And now, after I finally got some peace back in my life … I’m tired.

— Ray to Lindsay, The Other Woman

Ray Dwyer is Lindsay Dwyer's father.

He moved in with his girlfriend, Janice, a year prior to Quinn's acquittal. He doesn't know whether or not to believe that Lindsay really did blow up the Cytron building or not. He told her it doesn't matter. A couple of years after the explosion he finally got peace back in his life but then things started back up with the press when she was found out, arrested and went to trial.

After the explosion, two years prior to Quinn's acquittal, he sat at home on the couch watching the news, waitng for the phone to ring, for Lindsay to call and explain why a building blew up and why she was the main suspect.