Rachel Moss
Portrayed by Molly Baker
7x13 - Rachel Moss 01
White House Character
Character Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: President's Secretary
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Molly Baker
First appearance: "A Woman Scorned"
Appearance Count: 17

Rachel Moss is the secretary of President Mellie Grant.


The character of Rachel Moss is a minor recurring character throughout the series; she made her debut appearance in the season two episode, A Woman Scorned.


Mellie's Interview

Rachel helped Mellie set up her nationally aired interview with James Novak when she told the American public that Fitz has been unfaithful in their marriage. (A Woman Scorned)

Interview with Carla Steele

When Mellie needs to boost up her image Rachel helps Cyrus setup an interview with Carla Steele who follows Mellie around in the East Wing to see what it’s like to be the First Lady. (Everything's Coming Up Mellie)

First Family Interview

When the First Children come home for the first interview with The First Family since Fitz has announced his run for reelection. Rachel works with Olivia Pope to get this interview delayed after a family argument between kids and parents. (Mama Said Knock You Out)

Former President Cooper's Death

After former President Cooper passes away Mellie, Rachel and the rest of The East Wing prep for the arrival of former First Lady Bitsy Cooper to help assist her in the plans of her late husband's funeral. Bitsy relieves Mellie of her duties and holds onto her staff to plan the funeral. (An Innocent Man)


Rachel had constantly been working as an assistant to Mellie Grant since she was the first lady of the United States. She worked for Mellie while she was a United States senator and now works as the president's secretary at the White House.


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