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Queen Isabel of Caledonia
Portrayed by Dearbhla Molloy
5x01 - Queen Isabel 01
Character Information
Full name: Queen Isabel of Caledonia
Status: Dethroned by Prince Richard
Gender: Female
Residence: Caledonia
  • Queen of Caledonia
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Dearbhla Molloy
First appearance: "Heavy is the Head"
Appearance Count: 1

Queen Isabel of Caledonia is mother of Prince Richard and Mother-in-Law to Princess Emily.


Season FiveEdit

Fitz Grant throws a dinner party; Prince Richard of Caledonia has married an American—Princess Emily of Iowa.

Her Majesty Queen Isabel of Caledonia is invited primarily so that Fitz can win her over, in order to build a naval base on her home turf. After the dinner party Princess Emily of Iowa is killed in a car crash.

Olivia Pope & Associates discover that Queen Isabel had Princess Emily killed because she was having an affair (and a baby) with her bodyguard; Queeen Isabel would not let Emily bring shame to her family.


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Season One:
Season Two:
Season Three:
Season Four:
Season Five:
"Heavy is the Head"

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