Princess Emily of Caledonia
Portrayed by Hilty Bowen
5x01 - Princess Emily 01
Deceased Character
Character Information
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: "Heavy is the Head"
Cause of Death: Killed in car crash
Residence: Caledonia
Occupation: Princess of Caledonia
Significant Other:
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Hilty Bowen
Appears in: "Heavy is the Head"
Appearance Count: 1

Princess Emily of Caledonia was the wife of Prince Richard and the daughter-in-law of Queen Isabel.


Season FiveEdit

On one evening, President Fitz Grant threw a dinner party to celebrate the marriage of Prince Richard of Caledonia and Princess Emily of Iowa with the aim of winning Her Majesty Queen Isabel of Caledonia over, in order to build a naval base on her home turf.


After the dinner party at The White House, Princess Emily was killed in a car crash. After her death, it was discovered by Olivia Pope & Associates that Emily had an affair with her bodyguard and that she was pregnant with his child. OPA also found out that she was killed on purpose and that Queen Isabel of Caledonia sent someone to murder her and make it look like an accident.


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