Fitz Grant
Portrayed by Tony Goldwyn
7x03 - Fitz Grant 01
Character Information
Full name: Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III
Status: Alive
Age: 55
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Residence: Vermont
Past Occupation(s):
  • President of the United States of America
  • Governor of California
  • Fitz
  • Falcon
Past Relationships:
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Tony Goldwyn
First appearance: "Sweet Baby"
Appearance Count: 106

There's no Sally or Thomas here. You're nobody's victim, Liv. I belong to you. We're in this together.

— Fitz to Olivia, Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Fitz Grant is an American politician who served as the 44th President of the United States. Fitz was married to his eventual successor Mellie Grant, with whom he has a deceased son (Jerry Grant Jr.), a daughter (Karen Grant) and a son (Teddy Grant).



Fitz faced Sally Langston (who would later become his Vice President) in the 2010 Republican primaries, then ran for the presidency against Samuel Reston of the Democratic Party, Noah Montgomery of the Independent Party, and Matty Bans of the Green Party.

Early in his campaign, he was trailing Sally Langston. At one point, Cyrus Beene calls in his former student, Olivia Pope, to help their situation. Olivia suggests that Fitz be seen with his wife, Mellie, more in public as the loving couple they're supposed to be. This gave him just the publicity he needed. Unbeknownst to everyone, Fitz was beginning to fall for Olivia, so he tried to get her fired off of his election campaign staff. Eventually, they began an affair. (The Trail)

Shortly after Fitz became President - specifically on the night of his State of the Union speech - the affair ended with Olivia's resignation as Communication Director from the White House Administration once Mellie became aware of the affair and subtly let Olivia know she knew. (Happy Birthday, Mr. President)

Throughout the course of his campaign, Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie, and Verna Thornton engage in dirty tricks to get Fitz ahead, including leaking false information about Fitz's opponent, Samuel Reston, and, eventually, employing the help of Hollis Doyle to rig electronic voting machines in a single Ohio county, fixing the election to assure Fitz's election. (A Criminal, A Whore, An Idiot, and A Liar)

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Family LifeEdit

Fitz's father Jerry Grant and his mother are both deceased. Fitz was married to Mellie and they have three children together; Karen Grant and Teddy Grant and Jerry Grant Jr., who is deceased.


Fitz is a Rhodes Scholar, a PhD, and J.D. He graduated summa cum laude from Yale University before going on to Harvard Law School.


Military CareerEdit

Fitz spent time as a pilot in the U.S. Navy. He saw combat in the Gulf war where at one point his plane was struck down behind enemy lines in Iran on 'Operation Remington' in 1991. He served with Jake Ballard.

Political CareerEdit

Fitz followed in his father's footsteps after he left the Navy and began a career in politics. He was the Governor of California before his campaign for presidency in 2010.


He ran for re-election in the 2014 presidential election in a rematch against Maryland Governor Samuel Reston, the Democratic nominee as well as facing his own Vice President Sally Langston, who ran as an Independent candidate. President Fitzgerald Grant was re-elected to a second term and inaugurated on January 20, 2015 as President of the United States.

After Mellie was sworn in on January 20, 2019, Fitz returned to the White House with Mellie to spend time with his son and talk to Olivia. Instead of taking off from the east front of the capitol, like his predecessors, he took off on the south lawn of the White House in a marine helicopter. Former President Grant later flew to Vermont to begin his post presidency.



Mellie GrantEdit

Main article: Mellie and Fitz Grant

Mellie and Fitz met at Frank's Tavern in Boston on a blind date set up by Fitz's father Jerry and one of his old friends. Mellie was a clerk to the friend of Jerry's. The two went on to attend Harvard Law together. Since then they've had a dicey relationship, which got worse when Olivia Pope became a part of Fitz's presidency campaign. It's been a back-and-forth battle of they love each other... they hate each other; Mellie planning to leave him but staying; Fitz going off to Olivia and then coming back to Mellie. One of the most dramatic love triangles. He is the first president to divorce his wife while in office, he divorced then First Lady Mellie Grant in 2014.

Their resentment for one another was prevalent when Fitz refused to support his ex-wife's bid for the GOP nomination, instead endorsing his vice president, Susan Ross. However, he later endorsed Mellie after Susan withdrew. Since then, the relationship has somewhat improved with the two of them sometimes working together after Fitz leaves.

Olivia PopeEdit

Main article: Olivia and Fitz

Fitz met Olivia Pope during his primary campaign shortly after the Iowa Caucus. His campaign manager, Cyrus Beene brought her in to help turn around the floundering campaign.

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Jake BallardEdit

Fitz and Jake both served in the military and they were very close friends. When Fitz asked Jake to look out for Olivia, Jake started to fall for Olivia. They became rivals since they both love Olivia and want her attention. Apart form their relationships with Olivia, they are good friends and Jake is the only person whom Fitz can trust in every matter.


Cyrus BeeneEdit

Cyrus was the campaign manager of Fitz's presidential campaign and is currently his Chief of Staff in the White House and closest friend.

Their friendship came to a stop when Fitz found out about Defiance; he then no longer trusted Cyrus (along with Mellie & Olivia). He specifically kept Cyrus out of the loop on military operations and strategic plans. (Nobody Likes Babies)

But Cyrus managed to work his way back into his good graces, regained his trust which led to their friendship returning. Fitz found out about Cyrus staying at a hotel because James had kicked him out and Fitz told Cyrus to fight for it and to make it work.

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  • The character of President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III is rumored to be a reflection of President George W. Bush.
  • He is a Republican.


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