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President inuagural address

Presidency of Fitzgerald Grant III

Vice President - Susan Ross

The Presidency of Fitzgerald Grant III began on January 20th 2009, when he became the 44th President of the United States. Grants running mate, Senator Sally Langston of Georgia, also took office as Vice President on January 20th 2009. Grant was the Governor of California when he was elected to the presidency, wining against Democratic challenger Governor Samuel Reston of Maryland in the 2008 Presidential Election. Grant is the nineteenth Republican to hold the office.

First term 2009-2013 Edit

President Grant began his first term in office on January 20th 2009, his first year in office was a ambitious year for the Grant Administration, the newly elected president set a bold agenda for the and sought a change in the nation's education system, President Grant announced this bold education reform in his first State of the Union address in 2009.

Second term 2013-2017 Edit

Gallery Edit

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