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Perky Counter Girl
Portrayed by Christy Meyers
Deceased Character
Character Information
Status: Deceased
Gender: Female
Episode of Death: White Hat's Back On
Cause of Death: Shoot in the Head

by Jake Ballard

Occupation: B613 Operative
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Christy Meyers
First appearance: Any Questions?
Final appearance: White Hat's Back On
Appearance Count: 2
Perky Counter Girl was a B613 agent who was tasked with kidnapping Olivia Pope. But before she could complete her mission Jake Ballard shot her in the head. (White Hat's Back On)

Prior to that mission she was working with Jake to capture Charlie for Command. She replaced the counter girl at Charlie's favorite pastry place, replacing Rachel. Hence the name "Perky Counter Girl". She failed in that mission too. She failed both missions... bummer girl! (Any Questions?)


Season Two