Paul Grey
Portrayed by Adam Lazarre-White
B-613 Character
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Residence: Upstate New York
Current Occupation/s:
  • Professor
Past Occupations:
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Past Relationships:
  • Ex-Spouse
Character Information
Appears in: "Spies Like Us"
Appearance Count: 1

Paul Grey is a former B613 operative.

About Edit

Paul was a supporting character for season 2 episode "Spies Like Us". His character explored into B613's past.

History Edit

The B613 Operatives are worried that they will have to be on the run again. Betsy says she has arthritis, Maggie says she has kids and is married, Paul says he likes his life and his name, and the rest of the operatives agree that they don't want to run. Olivia tells them that even though they may want to solve it criminally and kill him, he has a team of hackers and they will always have another target, which would just be like running. She says she will have an answer but in the meantime they will have to stay in the conference room.

In the conference room, they discussed that the source of the leak would be the problem, not Sarnoff. They start realizing that all the people in the conference room are the only people who know about B613, which means somebody is the mole. They immediately hold each other at gunpoint and discuss who could be the mole. Melvin says it could be Charlie but Maggie immediately turns her gun to Melvin and says she worked with Charlie and he is a believer. Harrison questions if shooting each other will solve anything, and Betsy says that’s fine since then they would all die and there would be no leak. Harrison says says that they already have plan, which is Olivia Pope. Harrison assures them that they don’t have a problem since it is being handled by the best. Olivia returns with a bank account number, which is Swiss and isn’t hackable. Huck shows the number to all the former B613 operatives, and they realize that the prescription numbers Melvin called in are the same as the bank account numbers. Charlie immediately points his gun at Melvin, but Huck stops him and defends Melvin and tells them they should move on but Maggie then shoots Melvin. She says it was a nice speech and they then start to clean up and leave.

Relationships Edit

Romantic Edit

Paul is divorced, probably because of sleeping with his students.

Allies Edit

Paul worked with Huck, Charlie, Betsy, and Maggie while being a B613 operative

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • He speaks 70 languages.
  • He knows at least 70 ways to kill someone.

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