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Patty Snell
Portrayed by Romy Rosemont
5x05 - Patty Snell
Other Character
Character Information
Full name: Patty Snell
Hair color: Blonde
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Romy Rosemont
First appearance: "You Got Served"
Appearance Count: 2

Patty Snell is one of the best lawyers in the state of Washington D.C.


When David Rosen told Fitz that his former chief of Staff Cyrus Beene and his soon-to-be ex-wife Mellie Grant were trying to impeach him, David said that if he were to pick a lawyer he would pick Patty Snell.

Character HistoryEdit

Season FiveEdit

Patty Snell is one of the most well known and highest ranking lawyers in the state of Washington D.C..


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"You Got Served"
"Get Out of Jail, Free"
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