Portrayed by Alexander Greer
White House Character
Character Information
Occupation: White House Staffer

Communication Department

Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Alexander Greer
First appearance: Top of the Hour
Latest appearance: Any Questions?
Appearance Count: 2

Patrick is a white house staffer who works in the communications department at The White House.


Patrick has worked on many scandals, communications issues and communication strategic plans for President Fitzgerald Grant's first term. He works alongside Jeannine, Andy, Lynn and several other communication staffers.

He worked on the Sarah Stanner / Murray Randall scandal; going on-air speaking against Sarah Stanner and how she was obsessed with her professor Murray Randall. (Top of the Hour)

A couple of weeks later he was called into the Oval Office after Mellie Grant made an accusation that her husband, the president, was being unfaithful live in an interview with James Novak. He worked with Jeannine and Lynn to come up with a response until Fitz decided to come up with one of his own. (Any Questions?)



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