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Operation Remington

Appearances: "More Cattle, Less Bull", "Icarus", "YOLO", "A Door Marked Exit"

Operation Remington is one of the most top kept secrets in the United States government.


Fitz Grant was ordered to shoot down an aircraft by Rowan killing over 300 innocent people. Their plane was thought to be carrying a bomb; that was not true.

Season ThreeEdit

Maya Lewis escapes from Rowan's custody and finds Olivia, who helps her get a new passport, driving license and ID; she then organises Maya to be flown to Hong Kong. Olivia calls Fitz, who vows to take care of her mother; A short time later, Olivia is placing Maya aboard a government plane out of the country. Olivia remembers that her mom received a phone call twenty-two years ago from a man looking for Marie. Marie Wallace to be exact. This happens to be the name of the person Rowan used to classify Maya as a terrorist. Olivia suddenly realizes her father has been trying to protect her. He’s not the monster. Her mother is. "YOLO"

Fitz detains Rowan, he wants to know why he was ordered to shoot down that plane if Maya was already in custody. Olivia goes to visit her father and Fitz at the Pentagon; where Fitz is keeping Rowan. Olivia knows there was a bomb on the plane. Eli made a judgment call to shoot it down to kill 329 people instead of the thousands that would have perished if it detonated over London. As it turns out, Maya lied. She tricked her husband into killing those passengers. Olivia orders Fitz to have her mom arrested the second she gets off the plane. Rowan is set free to continue doing his B-613 thing. As for Maya, her plane never made it to Hong Kong. It was found in Mongolia. The entire crew has been murdered but there’s no sign of Maya. Olivia believes someone will likely pay for what went down with her father. "A Door Marked Exit"


"She fooled you like she fooled me

"She fooled you like she fooled me. Didn't she?"