4x08 - Olivia and Elizabeth (Official)

Olivia and Elizabeth is the proffessional relationship between Olivia Pope and Elizabeth North

Appearances: "The Last Supper", "Where the Sun Don't Shine", "Put a Ring On It"

Olivia and Elizabeth have a very complicated relationship.

Season FourEdit

When Elizabeth North thinks someone is bugging her phone, she goes to Olivia for help and becomes Olivia Pope & Associates Client; Olivia doesn’t like Elizabeth, but she does agree to help her. Olivia finds out from Huck that Cyrus Beene is the one bugging Elizabeth's phone because he thinks she will leak information. To protect her friend (Cyrus) instead of her Client, Olivia lies to Elizabeth and tells her that her phone had a bug called the "Goldie Locks" virus. ("The Last Supper")

Elizabeth has her phone checked again and find out that Cyrus bugged her phone, she goes to the Olivia Pope & Associates officies and tells Olivia that "There is a special place in hell, for women that don't help other women." As a retaliation, she leaks pictures of Michael and Cyrus together, leading Cyrus to quit as Chief of Staff ("Where the Sun Don't Shine")

Season FiveEdit


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