4x08 - Olivia and Elizabeth (Official)

Olivia and Elizabeth

Appearances: Season Four, Season Five, Season Six

Olivia Pope and Elizabeth North have a very complicated relationship, they both worked on Fitz Grant's first Presidential campaign. They both had their own agenda's and they often clashed but they were eventually able to work together.

Season FourEdit

When Elizabeth North thinks someone is bugging her phone, she goes to Olivia for help and becomes Olivia Pope & Associates Client; Olivia doesn’t like Elizabeth, but she does agree to help her. Olivia finds out from Huck that Cyrus Beene is the one bugging Elizabeth's phone because he thinks she will leak information. To protect her friend (Cyrus) instead of her Client, Olivia lies to Elizabeth and tells her that her phone had a bug called the "Goldie Locks" virus. "The Last Supper"

Elizabeth has her phone checked again and find out that Cyrus bugged her phone, she goes to the Olivia Pope & Associates officies and tells Olivia that "There is a special place in hell, for women that don't help other women." As a retaliation, she leaks pictures of Michael and Cyrus together, leading Cyrus to quit as Chief of Staff. "Where the Sun Don't Shine"

Season FiveEdit

Elizabeth became Cheif of Staff and worked very closely with President Fitz Grant and Olivia during her time at The White House, Olivia often gave Elizabeth time to explain and resolve situations invloving Olivia and Fitz' controversial relationship. Elizabeth later became Susan Ross's Campaign Manager, wich meant that she was working against Olivia as a rival throughout her campaign. "Yes". "Paris is Burning", "Pencils Down", "Thwack!"

Season SixEdit

Elizabeth was killed by Samantha Ruland when Mellie refused to help Theodore Peus become the new President of The United States of America. Peus told Mellie that she was either going to become President or they would kill her and her children; in shock and having no other reason Mellie said "yes".

Later, Peus shows up at Olivia Pope & Associates demanding that Olivia remove Jake as Mellie's running mate and replace him with Peus himself; which will make him Vice President of the United States if Mellie becomes President - if Olivia does not agree, even when Peus threatens to leak images of Jake Ballard cleaning up after Ruland killed Elizabeth North. Olivia tells him to go ahead because it wouldn't make Mellie look good but later Jake agrees to step down as Mellie's running mate. "Mercy"


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