Olivia's Kidnapping was part of Andrew Nichols' plan to start a America's War with West Angola.

Andrew Kidnaps Olivia PopeEdit

Andrew Nichols kidnapped Olivia Pope in order to start a war with The United States of America and West Angola. Olivia Pope was kept in Pennsylvania with Ian Woods, Gus and their associates. Fitz tells Andrew that he wants proof of life or he won't give him the war. A short time later, Olivia is forced to make a video with a scripted message saying that the president must start a war with West Angola or else she dies. - "Where the Sun Don't Shine"

Lois is KilledEdit

4x10 - Lois Moore 01

Lois Moore was kidnapped along with Olivia, being held at her apartment. After they were done, they told Lois that it was all over, but Olivia saw that they had a gun and were ready to shoot her, and tried to warn her, though her mouth was covered. Lois thought Olivia was scared and tried to comfort her, but they soon shot her and killed her. Later, Rose went to Olivia, thinking that Lois went missing, and showed her that something wasn't right, since Lois left her wallet at home. The police just thought she was on vacation or needed some time alone. Rose later came to Olivia, telling her that Lois had a hip replacement, and the serial number maybe could help track her down. Huck and Quinn found Lois' body dumped in a local park, Olivia lied and told Rose that she died from an aneurysm. - "Run"

Huck Tortures Elizabeth NorthEdit

4x11 - Elizabeth and Huck

Huck knows that there is only one person that can help him rescue Olivia and that is Elizabeth North. He goes to her house and gives her twenty-four hours to find Olivia. She tried but couldn't get Andrew to cave, so Huck returned the following night and tortured Elizabeth. A frightened and scared Liz goes to the last person she'd ever go to for help, Mellie Grant. She shows Mellie her scars from Huck's torturing. So Mellie helps Elizabeth by seducing and sleeping with Andrew to get all of his cell phones. Elizabeth then takes those phones to the OPA team. - "Where's the Black Lady?"

Olivia is Rescued and Huck "Deals with Andrew"Edit

Abby Whelan was not able to find Olivia but she did find Stephen Finch, she called in a favour and told him that Olivia was in trouble. Olivia Pope is about to be given to her new owners but it's Stephen. He bought Olivia and saved her, like she saved him in the past. Mellie tells Elizabeth that Andrew is out of control and he needs to be shut down. Elizabeth goes to the only person she knows that can take care of him, Huck. She tells him to kill him but he refuses because he says he "doesn't do that anymore," instead he injects Andrew in his back which causes him to have a stroke. The last time we see him is when Mellie goes to see him in Hospital. "No More Blood"