Noah Elliot
Portrayed by Steven W. Bailey
Law Character
Character Information
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Brown, thinning
Occupation: Coroner’s Investigator
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Steven W. Bailey
First appearance: Hunting Season
Latest appearance: Inside the Bubble
Appearance Count: 5

I expect that's a courtesy you'll want for yourself someday, red!?!

— Noah to Abby Whelan, Hunting Season

Noah Elliot is a Coroner's Investigator in the DC Coroner's office. Unlike a Coroner he goes out into the field to investigate the manner in which a body was found and to determine an initial cause of death. He works with the DC Coroner Lisa.


The character of Noah Elliot is a minor recurring character who appeared in three episodes in the second season and only one episode in the third & fourth seasons.


He is a bit of a grumpy man by nature; always annoyed when he gets a visit from any member of Olivia Pope & Associates.

Noah first met Olivia Pope in 2008 after Olivia's father, Eli Pope, told her that her homeless man friend, Huck, who saved her from a mugging was killed. Olivia cared so much about Huck that she had Noah call her every time someone matching Huck's description came into the DC morgue. (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner)

He returns to collect the remains of Monica Ocampo after Harrison Wright and Abby Whelan have found her dead in her apartment. And he works on the case of Jenny Nystrom, a girl who was killed in a car accident but her killer gets to go free because he has diplomatic immunity. Both cases involve . (Hunting Season / Beltway Unbuckled) Noah meets with Harrison and Abby again when they identify the body of Molly Ackerman, a client of there's who was killed by a hit-and-run. (Molly, You in Danger, Girl)

Once again Noah runs into the OPA team but now just working with Olivia to identify the body of Caitlin Winslow. Olviia escorts Katherine Winslow, Caitlin's mother to ID her daughter's body. (Inside the Bubble)



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