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Noah Baker
Portrayed by Mackenzie Astin
5x05 - Olivia on BNC Special Report 05
Press Character
Character Information
Occupation: Broadcast Journalist
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Mackenzie Astin
First appearance: Mama Said Knock You Out
Latest appearance: Where the Sun Don't Shine
Appearance Count: 4

We are going live in 64 minutes, either with the members of the first family or with me wildly speculating on why the grants are suddenly unavailable for an interview they committed to weeks ago. It's up to you!

— Noah to Olivia Pope, Mama Said Knock You Out

Noah Baker is a broadcast journalist for for the news network BNC.


The character of Noah Baker is a minor recurring character who has appeared in season three and season four.


Noah was the first broadcast journalist/interviewer that interviewed "The First Family" after Fitz announced his reelection (as well as after his assassination attempt two years ago). The interview had been setup for weeks and advertised on his network. It almost didn't happen due to a scandalous revealtion between First Lady Mellie Grant and Governor Andrew Nichols. But Olivia Pope to the rescue gave one of her infamous speeches to the kids (Jerry & Karen) as well as Mellie & Fitz so Noah got his chance to interview the first family. (Mama Said Knock You Out)



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Olivia Pope's Fitz Interview - Scandal03:24

Olivia Pope's Fitz Interview - Scandal


Season One:
Season Two:
Season Three:
Mama Said Knock You Out
The Price of Free and Fair Election
(credited as "Male Anchor")
Season Four:
"An Innocent Man"
"Where the Sun Don't Shine"
Season Five:
"Paris is Burning"
"You Got Served"

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