"No Sun on the Horizon"
3x13 - Olivia Pope
Season Three
Season 03, Episode 13
Episode Information
Air Date: March 13, 2014
Viewers: 8.22 million
Written by: Matt Byrne
Directed by: Randy Zisk
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Previous Episode: "We Do Not Touch the First Ladies"
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No Light at the end of the tunnel, no sun on the horizon.

Jake to himself

No Sun on the Horizon is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Scandal, and is the forty second overall.


A well prepared Fitz gets thrown a curve ball during the first presidential debate, Olivia receives shocking news and is forced to make an extremely difficult decision, and the gladiators work with a powerful CEO accused of murder. Meanwhile, one dirty little secret could lead to deadly consequences.


Olivia Pope & Associates:
  • The team works with David Rosen once again to try and convince Liv of the truth
  • Liv tries to talk Sally out of making political suicide
White House:
  • Sally considers going public about the truth of Daniel Douglas
  • Liv asks Fitz to do something that could hurt his reelection
  • Cyrus makes a shocking discovery about James
Rowan & B613:
  • Jake gives Quinn her first assignment with B613
  • Jake assigns Tom to do an unspeakable act
US Attorney’s Office:
  • David worries Olivia is going to double cross him again
  • James wants to go forward with the Daniel Douglas truth


David gives a few of the Popeheads, including the head Popehead, the scoop on how what went down regarding the murder of Daniel Douglas. This has Olivia beelining over to The White House. She's completely shaken when Cyrus confirms that he covered up the murder for Sally. She's so shaken that she starts laughing uncontrollably. She says, "They're all murderers. Reston, Sally, Fitz… the presidential debate. It's literally murderers' row." Cyrus responds, "Nobody's perfect." This much is true. They need to keep a lid on things. Olivia can't do this again. She lets Cyrus know he's on his own. This means David is on his own, too.

Jake puts Quinn on desk duty. She's to answer the phone as a rep of Acme Limited. They sell paper—for real! Quinn is free to kill anyone who walks through the front door, but no one ever does. This is what's known as paying one's dues. As for Jake, he's surprised when Olivia brings him a Double-Lincoln with bacon from Gettysburger. She got the Mary Todd turkey burger. Liv also brought wine. Something is obviously wrong, but she doesn't want to talk about the real world. That's a tough order when your fake boyfriend is the head of B-613. Jake suggests they run away together. That's not an option. But she will let him take advantage of her.

Leo Bergen brings in Sally's hometown spiritual advisor to help get her head back in the game. He needs someone who can influence her as part of a debate prep session. Rowan/Eli/ex-Command lets Leo know that they need a Langston victory to restore the balance of power. That may be tough now that Sally wants to confess to the world what she's done so that she can back into God's good graces. Leo relays this bit of breaking news to Cyrus, who calls Charlie, who can't do anymore freelance jobs due to a new directive from Jake/Command.

James finds his hubby drinking alone in his office late at night. Cyrus has a defeated vibe going on. He later meets with Jake asking him to kill Sally Langston. That request is denied even after a rambling speech on how the fate of democracy depends on it. This forces Cyrus to beg Olivia for help. He screwed up. Liv goes to see Sally. She knows what happened. She also knows Sally is unyielding in her desire to confess. To the Fitz phone! Liv tells the president all about the Daniel Douglas situation. She then asks him to throw the debate.

Jake is bummed to learn that Olivia is sticking with Fitz. She’s just doing her job. He needs to start doing his. Jake lets Quinn know that her dues have been officially paid. He has a job for her. Quinn breaks into Olivia's office to swipe all the info she has on the Daniel Douglas murder. She turns it over to Jake. This theft occurs on debate day as Fitz lets Liv know he won't do what she is asking. Everyone waiting in the wings holds their breath as it comes time for Sally to speak. Fitz tempts her into talking about her marriage. She doesn’t take the bait...yet.

Camped in the rafters with a sniper rifle in hand is Secret Service Agent Tom, who also happens to be B-613. He's under orders from Command to take out Sally if she starts to falter. This appears to be what’s happening when the vice president declares that she has a confession to make. Fitz glances over at Olivia. He knows what’s about to happen. He puts a stop to it by shifting the focus elsewhere. Just like that, Sally is snapped back into game day mode. Just like that, she's debating like a champ. Leo sees it as a sign from God. Actually, it was just the product of the handiwork of one of his creations—his Pope, if you will.

Olivia and Fitz have it out in the White House after the debate. There is "no clean" when it comes to what they do. There's also no Vermont. They need to stop pretending. They need to just be where they are. And where they are is in the Oval Office having a post-debate make-out session.

James pushes David to move forward with the information they have pronto. They are running out of time. He has no idea how true that is as Cyrus finds the bug he planted in his office. When the husbands meet, Cyrus blames himself for what's happened. He gives James his blessing to do whatever he wants with him. He loves him. James lets David know that he's bailing on their plan to tell their story at a meeting neither of them called. Not good.

THWAP! A silent bullet kills Vanessa Chandler the reporter. THWAP! Another one kills the Shelby Moss, NSA Analyst who had the recording of Sally confessing to Cyrus that she killed Daniel Douglas. Blood sprays up onto David's stunned face. James is equally horrified. From out of the shadows steps a familiar figure. It's Jake. He pulls out a gun and points it in their direction. BANG! Another bullet rips through the night. The question is... Who got shot? James or David???

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