Portrayed by Erica Shaffer
7x05 - Reporter Julia 01
Press Character
Character Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Broadcast Anchorwoman
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Erica Shaffer
First appearance: "The Trail"
Final appearance: "The List"
Appearance Count: 22

Julia is a local anchor for the news outlet BNC.


The character of Julia is a minor recurring character throughout the series since her first appearance in the season one episode The Trail.


Like her colleague, Mike Waters, she reported on the murder trial of Lindsay Dwyer and it's shocking verdict as well as the sex scandal story about Congressman Jacob Shaw. Both scandals being "handled" Olivia Pope and her team of gladiators. (White Hat's Off)

Staying at the BNC news desk she went on to report to American that the President's birthday was coming up. (Defiance) Then we saw her again when she did a breaking news story about one of the hostages in East Sudan who was beheaded. (Boom Goes the Dynamite)

Several months later when Congressman Jim Struthers, along with some of his staff and DC's best fixer are held hostage by a woman wanting to know the truth about her sons death News Anchorwoman was out from behind the news desk and on the scene reporting about the dramatic story. (Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington)


  • Throughout the series, she has been credited in various names such as BNC Anchor Julia, Anchor Julia, Reporter Julia, On Scene Reporter, Another Reporter, Reporter #2, TV Anchor, TV Newscaster and so on.