News Anchorman
Portrayed by Jay Jackson
Press Character
Character Information
Occupation: Broadcast Anchorman
  • Mike Waters
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Jay Jackson
First appearance: White Hat's Off
Latest appearance: Yes
Appearance Count: 11

News Anchorman is a local anchor for a news outlet, most likely the shows - Scandal’s equivalent to CNN.


The character of News Anchorman is a minor recurring character who first appeared in the second season, third season and fourth season of the series.


News Anchorman first appeared during the trial of Lindsay Dwyer as one of the TV Anchors talking about the progress of the trial as well as reporting about the sex scandal going on with Congressman Jacob Shaw. (White Hat's Off) He later reported about the death of the nations beloved Pastor Marvin Drake. (The Other Woman)

Several months later he was one of the Anchors on the news desk that reported the story about the revelation of who President Grant's mistress was aka Olivia Pope. (It's Handled)


After seven appearances his name was revealed, as "Mike Waters, in the Season Four episode Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia.


Season One:
Season Two:
White Hat's Off
The Other Woman
One For the Dog
Boom Goes the Dynamite
Top of the Hour
Season Three:
It's Handled
More Cattle, Less Bull
Season Four:
Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia
The Lawn Chair
Season Five:
Heavy is the Head

Credit Note

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

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