Nancy Drake
Portrayed by Lorraine Toussaint
OPA Client
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Chocolate Brown
Current Relationship:
  • Marvin Drake† (husband)
Character Information
Portrayed by: Lorraine Toussaint
Appears in: The Other Woman

Thank you... I'm suppose to say thank you. But he was a cheating bastard! How did I not know?

— Nancy to First Lady Mellie Grant,
The Other Woman

Nancy Drake is Pastor Marvin Drake's widow. When her husband didn't come home one night she contacted Olivia Pope to help find him. Being the highly religious political figure that he was she didn't want to call the police and alert the press. It was a good thing that she called Olivia, because her husband was found handcuffed to a bed with his mistress, Anna Gordon, in a cheap hotel.

Once it was discovered that Anna was his mistress and not a hooker Anna wanted money from Nancy to keep quiet. They bargained and came up with a deal. The deal was; "one million upfront, 3 million in a trust that Anna controls and another 3 million that would be in trust for Vincent but he wouldn't be able to access till he was 30."

A few hours prior to her husbands funeral, First Lady Mellie Grant came to console and visit Nancy. Ten minutes before the First Ladies arrival Nancy took a sedative. Olivia told Nancy that Mellie was to be accompanied by a reporter. Once Mellie arrived at Nancy's home the two spoke alone after Nancy quietly blurted out that her husband had a mistress. Mellie had reporters leave, and Mellie consoled and comforted a distraught Nancy.

Anna wouldn't sign the deal unless she could come to Pastor Drake's funeral. At the last minute Nancy caved and let her come.