Michael Ambruso
Portrayed by Matthew Del Negro
4x17 - Michael Ambruso 01
Other Character
Character Information
Full name: Michael Ambruso
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Significant Other:
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Matthew Del Negro
First appearance: "The State of the Union"
Latest appearance: "Trojan Horse"
Appearance Count: 16

Michael Ambruso is Cyrus Beene's ex-husband. He was a prostitute hired to seduce Cyrus by Elizabeth North.


The character of Michael Ambruso is a supporting character of the series; he's essentially replaced James in Cyrus' life. He was first appeared in the episode "The State of the Union" of season four, portrayed by Matthew Del Negro.


Season Four

Elizabeth North sent Michael to meet Cyrus, so he can seduce him and feed her top secret information from The White House. But Michael started to have feelings for Cyrus and started feeding Elizabeth false information or very minor government details. 



Cyrus Beene

Michael and Cyrus are now married.

For information on Cyrus's relationship with Michael visit their relationship page: Cyrus and Michael.


Elizabeth North

Michael was hired by Elizabeth to seduce Cyrus in order to get the secret information about the White House from Cyrus since Cyrus was the chief of staff and all.


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Scandal 4x7 Cyrus Learns the truth about Michael01:12

Scandal 4x7 Cyrus Learns the truth about Michael


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