Mellie Grant wants to be Senator of Virginia; the role that Susan Ross previously had.

Senator Run AnnouncementEdit

Fitz and Mellie were being honest with each other. Mellie told Fitz that she wants to be President of the United States. Fitz Grant tries to find a Vice-President who will not win against Mellie, but he fails. Instead, Mellie suggests Susan Ross. Susan agrees and replaces Andrew Nichols as Vice-President.

Campaign Manager Edit

Elizabeth North goes to see Mellie in her office and tells her that she wants to be her campaign manager and that she cannot be Cyrus Beene's bitch anymore. Elizabeth also makes it clear that Mellie doesn't just want to be Senator of Viginia, she wants to be President of The United States.

Campaign Edit

Elizabeth takes a trip down south to learn that Mellie's half-sister Harmony could cause serious damage to her campaign. That’s why they need to welcome her into the fold. In other words, Mellie needs to make nice. That proves to be quite challenging. A semi-civil dinner conversation goes south fast. Harmony threatens to expose some secrets. Mellie dismisses Fitz’s advice to make her half-sis feel welcome. She’d much rather kick back with some of her daddy’s hooch. Fitz takes it upon himself to make things right with Melody. He does this by pretty much telling her what she needs to hear.

Sally Langston is having a grand old time ripping into Mellie over her bid to become a Virginia senator. To quell her criticism, a plan is put into play to make it seem like the president and first lady lead separate lives. Still, the only way to sway public perception is to have someone go toe-to-toe with Sally on her TV show. A woman won’t do the trick. No, it would have to be a man. Fitz orders Cyrus to go on TV to defend Mellie’s senate run. Cyrus unleashes a flurry of mini-lectures on sexism with the knockout blow coming with a mention of the Sally’s dead hubby, Daniel Douglas.

Mellie hasn’t been back to Springfield, Virginia since her son Jerry was murdered. Elizabeth North tells Mellie that she needs to go there now to get the female votes. Fitz offers to go the Springfield with her, but his wife knows she has to go it alone, Fitz gives her some advice on how Olivia would handle this, Fitz tells Mellie that she should throw him under the bus. So, Mellie does exactly that and throws Fitz under the bus and gains the votes from Springfield.

The New Senator of Virginia Edit

Mellie is the new Senator of Virginia, Fitz gives a passionate speech in support of his wife in front of a small group on Election Day Eve. Then it comes time for Mellie to give her victory speech as the next Senator of Virginia.


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