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Mellizzie met through their relationship with Andrew Nichols, they were friends.


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Mellizzie was created by Scandal fans of Scandal to describe the proffesional relationship between Mellie Grant and Elizabeth North. Bellamy Young and Portia de Rossi changed the spelling from "Mellizzie" to "Melizzie"


Mellie and Elizabeth became partners when Elizabeth became Mellie's campaign manager so she caould become Senator of Virginia, that relationship didn't last very long. Assoons as Mellie became Senator Elizabeth betrayed her by telling Fitz Grant what happened between Mellie and Rowan Pope.

Season FourEdit

4x13 - Show Some Solidarity Sister 05

Elizabeth is furious when she learns that troops aren't headed into this West Angola. She goes to Mellie's office to talk to her, but Mellie reveals that she knows about Elizabeth's relationship with Andrew and that screwing with her will hurt. After Huck threatens to kill her daughter Jane North, Huck returns twenty-four hours later and tortures Elizabeth. She goes to Mellie Grant for help, Mellie seduces Andrew and is able to steal his mobile phones; including the burner phone that he is using to contact to contact Ian. Elizabeth then gives the phones to Olivia Pope & Associates telling them to leave her family out of it. Andrew is out of control and will not stop; Mellie tells Elizabeth she needs to do something about Andrew, she says "He needs to be shut down, shut up, rendered mute". Mellie reminds Lizzie that she slept with Andrew, after Huck tortured her and threatened to kill her daughter to kill her d infront of her. Elizabeth North goes to see Mellie in her office and tells her that she wants to be her campaign manager. Elizabeth also makes it clear that Mellie doesn't just want to be Senator of Viginia, she wants to be President of The United States. After Mellie agreed to have Elizabeth on her team.

4x21 - Foxtail 03

When Rowan asked Mellie for a list of names, Mellie told Elizabeth to get the list. Not knowing that the list contained names of jurors that would later be on the B613 cases. Later, it is revealed that Rowan had huck kill all of the jurors on their bus. Now knowing what the list was for, Mellie tells Elizabeth everything that happened between her and Rowan. Elizabeth helped Mellie become Virginia's new Senator, but Elizabeth told Fitz about Rowan threatening Mellie; not knowing who Rowan was. As retaliation, Fitz kicked Mellie out of the White House and had Elizabeth replace Cyrus as the new Cheif of Staff; Fitz fried Cyrus.

Season FiveEdit

Elizabeth (now the new Chief of Staff) is called to Mellie's office. Mellie first wants to know why she wasn't invted to Prince Richard of Caledonia and Princess Emily's wedding celebration at The White House. Secondly she wanted to know why Elizabeth betrayed her, in short Elizabeth was never loyal to her and Mellie treated her like a 'Bitch'.


Think of what I’ve already done for you, the lengths I’ve gone, the bodies I’ve left in my wake. I am exactly the type of person you want in your corner.    Elizabeth North to Mellie Grant - ("It's Good to Be Kink")

I took your bones out of the political graveyard and performed voodoo to make you somebody again and as payment you stab in the back, I wanna know why.    Mellie Grant to Elizabeth North - ("Heavy is the Head")

First let’s be clear you didn’t do anything for me you did that for you, you only ever do anything for your own benefit. Second you didn’t take me in I was your prisoner, I was your puppet, I was your bitch. Third your payment was that I got you elected, you are sat in that chair this office a united states senator because of me that is how I repaid you. Forth one can only be betrayed if there is loyalty first, I was never loyal to you and you were never loyal to me I don’t think you’ve ever been loyal to anyone. So, when I made my move up the ladder of political ladder of success all on my own I wasn’t even thinking of you because you don’t matter to me and now you also don’t matter to the most powerful man on the face of the earth, but guess who does, me.    Elizabeth North to Mellie Grant - ("Heavy is the Head")


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