5x02 - Mellie and Fitz 2

Mellie and Fitz Grant are divorced

Appearances: Season Two, Season Three, Season Four


Mellie Grant and Fitz Grant met at Frank's Tavern in Boston on a blind date set up by Fitz's father Jerry and one of his old friends.


Season One

During the election, Fitz and Mellie are having trouble coming off as relatable to their constituents because their marriage is struggling. With Olivia Pope's intervention, they start to be more like a warm, loving couple, like the couple one would want to invite into your house. This gathers Fitz more votes. Mellie is shown to be very loyal to her husband's campaign at this time, going through great lengths to ensure that he is elected. She fakes a miscarriage on national television to garner sympathy from female voters. "(The Trail)"

During Fitz's Presidency, Mellie becomes increasingly impatient with Fitz for various different reasons. She is annoyed at his lack of decisive leadership and attempts to make a few major decisions of her own. She is extremely annoyed when she finds out about Fitz's affair and possible pregnancy with Amanda Tanner. Yet she still remains loyal to Fitz and devises a plan to protect his presidency and consequently, her First Lady status. "(Grant: For the People)"

Season Two

Mellie was a clerk to the friend of Jerry's. The two went on to attend Harvard Law together. "(Molly, You in Danger, Girl)"

Season Four

Since then they've had a dicey relationship, which got worse when Olivia Pope became a part of Fitz's presidency campaign. It's been a back-and-forth battle of they love each other... they hate each other; Mellie planning to leave him but staying; Fitz going off to Olivia and then coming back to Mellie. One of the most dramatic love triangles.


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