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Andrew and Mellie is the relationship between Mellie Grant and Andrew Nichols

Appearances: Season Three, Season Four, Season Five

Mellie Grant and Andrew Nichols met while Mellie was First Lady of California and Andrew was Lieutenant Governor.

  • Mellie and Andrew are called Meldew by Scandal Fans (Gladiators)


Season Three

While at the time their relationship never turned romanic, both admitted their interest in one another. Andrew saved Mellie from a suicide attempt and Mellie revealed the truth about the rape involving Big Jerry. ("We Do Not Touch the First Ladies")

Mellie and Andrew talk in front of Jackie Kennedy's portrait where they kiss. Andrew and Mellie were sent to Houston, TX to campaign for Fitz. While there, Mellie and Andrew had sex for the first time. Mellie and Andrew continued their relationship until Karen, Mellie's daughter, catches them in an intimate moment. Olivia tells Andrew to stop sleeping with Mellie or she will destroy him. Andrew declares to Olivia that he loves Mellie. After viewing a speech Mellie gives at a wounded female veterans event, he complies and ends his relationship with Mellie. ("Kiss Kiss Bang Bang")

Season Four

When the bomb went off and almost killed Andrew, Mellie confessed that her body has woken up and she asks him for a second chance. A couple of hours later, Mellie finds out that Andrew is also sleeping with Elizabeth North. Mellie confronts Elizabeth about the love triangle and let's her know that she will take them both down and that screwing with her will hurt. "(Where the Sun Don't Shine)"

Season Five


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Scandal 4x8 Mellie Explains Her Past Distance to Andrew02:06

Scandal 4x8 Mellie Explains Her Past Distance to Andrew

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