Portrayed by Phoebe Neidhardt
6x07 - Meg Shoots Huck 009
Deceased Character
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Full name: Meg Mitchell
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Black
Episode of Death: "Dead in the Water"
Cause of Death: Tortured to death by Quinn
  • Meg
Past Occupations:
Past Relationships:
  • Huck (ex-boyfriend)
Character Information
Portrayed by: Phoebe Neidhardt
First appearance: "Fates Worse Than Death"
Final appearance: "Dead in the Water"
Appearance Count: 5

Meg was Frankie Vargas's campaign statistician who also worked with Samantha Ruland and Abby Whelan during the Presidential Election 2018.


The character of Meg was a recurring character. First appeared in the season six episode "Fates Worse Than Death" portrayed by Phoebe Neidhardt.

History Edit

Season Six Edit

She worked as a statistician in Frankie Vargas's campaign. She later worked with Samantha and Abby who made her kill her own best friend Jennifer.

She shot Jennifer and Huck in the motel where Jennifer's been staying. After shooting them, she put them in the trunk of a car and leaving them to die at the bottom of a canyon.

Death Edit

Meg was later kidnapped by Quinn and Charlie in her apartment, she was then tortured until she told them what she had done with Huck. She didn't tell them where he was but she did make Quinn angry by telling her that Huck liked her better. This made Quinn so angry that she slit Meg's throat.

Relationships Edit

Romantic Edit


Meg first met Huck when he came asking her about her friend Jennifer. Meg thought Huck was going to hurt her when actually, he just wanted to ask her information. Huck helped upgrading the security of her apartment and taught her how to defend herself from the people who might try to hurt her.

They got closer and when Huck asked her if she's a client or a friend, she kissed him. They see each other until Meg betrayed him and tricked him about wanting to see her best friend Jennifer, whom she thought was dead. When Huck took her to see Jennifer, she shot Jennifer in the chest and the head. She then shot Huck as she was ordered to.

Friendships Edit

Jennifer FieldsEdit

Meg worked with Jennifer in Frankie Vargas's campaign together. They were very close friends but unfortunately, Samantha and Abby got to Meg and she ended up killing Jennifer.


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